The United Kingdom Is A Sovereign State Under International Law

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Referendums are not written in law, or are they set in stone or designated to time. For those who 're basing their vote on sovereignty: straightaway, I will clarify that already the United Kingdom is a sovereign state under international law. I will clarify also... that the Parliament in Westminster is the only lawmaking authority in this country. The 'EU ' is not a sovereign state. The 'EU ' only has the powers that it 's gifted under the 'EU ' treaties. If you find judicial systems operating under a 'EU ' priority this is done so under our elected parliament 's instruction. A sovereign state has control. We have that control! - - - Here we have it... the final hours to an uncertain future. This is the result when rhetoric rules over reality... where everything is called 'project fear. ' Meanwhile, in the real world I don 't have the luxury to engage in politicised reverie. "What do the experts know...?" Said a group of pensioners on 'Newsnight ' recently who 're opting to vote out of the 'EU. ' This question sent my curiosity into a whirl wind, because the definition of an expert means that they 're more likely to know what the implications are in regards to leaving the 'EU ' than pensioners who claim earnestly; they want their country back... as if you can singularly own a nation. Don 't aging plebiscites comprehend that thanks to globalization Britain is owned by foreign corporations, so even by leaving we 're not immune to unelected corporate
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