Research Paper On The United Kingdom

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Country Overview
The United Kingdom is an island nation off the western coast of Europe, comprised of the four nations of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. With a total population of 64.4 million people over nearly 242,000 sq. kilometers, the United Kingdom (commonly shortened to the UK) is the fourth most densely populated country in Europe. The majority of the population is centered around a few cores, most notably the capital of London. Other major population centers include Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Liverpool. (All facts and figures in the above paragraph are from the United States Central Intelligence Agency.)
The majority language spoken in the UK is English, although with some variations in spelling and vocabulary from the English spoken in the United States. Some regional languages exist, such as Gaelic, Scots, or Cornish. The currency of the United Kingdom is the British Pound. The current conversion of the British Pound to the U.S. Dollar is 1 GBP = 1.2236 USD (Bird).
Culture and Customs
The population make up is similar to that of the United States and Canada. The majority of the population identifies as white, with a descending percentage of minority ethnicities or nationalities. While people in the United Kingdom are generally accepting of various religions it would still be best to avoid this topic of conversation. Negative past events can make for uncomfortable, or even hostile, emotions. It is also wise to avoid discussing politics
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