The United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom ranked first in the amount of chocolate consumed per person in 2011, 11 kilograms per person, revealing the importance the chocolatier industry has. (Statista) A major player in the market is the Thorntons Company, opened by Joseph William Thornton in 1911 as a family business. (Thorntons, 100 Years of Thorntons) Currently, the company has a variety of products ranging from chocolate, toffee to fudge. The company is proud to announce that it “uses the finest cocoa beans to create divine dark, smooth milk and creamy white chocolate collections.” Thorntons has also become famous for its products targeting special events, such as Christmas baskets and chocolate Easter eggs. (Thortons, About Thorntons)

As can be seen in Figure 1 below, the company has over two hundred stores across the country. Figure 1: Thorntons Stores in the United Kingdom
Source: Thorntons. About Us.

Despite its reputation as a high-quality producer, Thorntons experienced a thirty per cent decrease in its shares during 2011, falling down by almost two-thirds from its peak value in 2007. Some experts claimed that this was due to the company’s failure to adapt to changing needs of the customers that became more oriented towards healthier snack options. (The Guardian, Thorntons: Why The Chocolate Maker Has Gone Into Meltdown) Failing to recover from financial losses, the company was bought by Ferrero Rocher, the Italian company producing Kinder Eggs and Nutella, for 112…
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