The United Kingdom, Switzerland And Germany

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Most people who talk about healthcare, really do not know what health care is to its full extent. Let alone understand how a nation health care system operates or how each political party wants the nation healthcare to be ran. Healthcare is the maintenance and improvement of the of a individual through medical provisions. But defining a operations of a healthcare within a nation can differ. Ideally the operations involve citizens paying taxes for government health care with the alternative of paying for private health care services, such as the individual employer. With regards to the past the USA have not been regarded in the highest praises, Dr. Martin Luther King JR , once stated . “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health…show more content…
The lead provider of healthcare in the USA, is private ownership. Which can lead to mistreatment and corruption. Roughly 61% of health insurance coverage is related to the employment of that individual that is employed. When the unemployment rate was near a all-time high not too long ago. There was more than enough citizens not receiving healthcare. The access to health care for citizens in the USA is very out of sync. The USA have by far the most expensive health care in the world. One of the reasons for this is the majority of health care is provided by private owners, which are for profit and are able to raise the price of treatment. Due to the rising cost of medical insurance providers, business are often forced to drop their benefits for employers. Which are increasing the problem of health insurance. To describe a system of health in the USA as of today with Obamacare passed. Customers who are without insurance search for insurance on the marketplace, and choose the plan they wants with a private sector or if qualified with basic coverage with government supplemental plans for the struggling income household. The ones who benefit the most of this system are stock holders and health providers, with the ability to control the price of medical treatment and care. The losers in the America regarding health care are the low income household and the unemployed who are unable to afford healthcare. It will be fair to say the USA, health system is Capitalistic based.
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