The United Methodist Church

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The United Methodist Church is growing and it is happening in nontraditional areas. Between 2005 and 2013 outreach ministries connected the UMC with diverse communities and created over 130,000 new disciples in His image. Outreach ministries believe in providing sustenance to who are without basic needs and envision a day without want. On this foundation, missionaries built programs and created an opportunity for growth. Through ministry, the UMC continues to provide support and generosity to those who need help while transforming missionaries’ actions into disciples across the globe. UMC apportionments equip ministries and change the world. The state of giving within The United Methodist Church has increased over the last decade. With the rise in consumer confidence, United Methodist congregations are healthier than almost a decade ago. The recession hurt everyone, but the US is finally seeing a proper economic recovery. Between 2009 and 2014, both new private housing permits issued and total construction spending increased by 81% and 7%, respectively. As unemployment fell to its lowest level since 2008, at 5.5% in June 2015, consumers are currently spending 21% more. Consumer confidence index beat projections and rose above 90.0 for eight straight months and indicate a 3% expansion in 2015 consumption. The US economy is in a better condition that six years ago and the UMC reflects these trends. The connection is showing signs of economic recovery through a slight 4.3%
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