The United National Human Development

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The traditional business model remains outdated as major problems are continuing to grow: water usage, climate change, increasing populations, human trafficking, poverty, hunger, etc…. According to International Labour Organization, more than 21 million victims are sold into today’s $150 billion market for sex and labor. In 2010, UNICEF reported almost 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. A United National Human Development Report revealed that approximately 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water. These findings are only a few to the long list of issues that needs to be addressed and solutions are needed now more than ever. Corporations address these issues by donating money, products, or services to charities – a temporary solution, but between the need to satisfy investors who want to maximize short-term profits and critics who demand higher levels of social responsibility, companies can only give so much before having to justify the charitable expenditures against their needs as a company. For example, Avon Products launched a door-to-door campaign to raise more than $32 million to fund breast cancer prevention by mobilizing its 400,000 independent sales representative. The cause has significant meaning to its target market of female customers and in order to conduct effective fundraising, there was a deep price tag. Although the company gained favorable publicity, the company was too focused on “the public relation
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