The United Nations : An International Organization

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The United Nations is an international governmental organization established to promote international co-operation and is considered a vital force for peace and human development. It thrives to bring together governments and humanitarian agencies, and share responsibilities among them to efficiently tackle humanitarian disasters (Osmańczyk 2004). People consider UN to be highly credible and unbiased in their approach in tackling issues. UN has also maintained high levels of ethical and moral values from its inception. All this reputation of UN would be severely hit, if it tries to suppress the critics of the governments and attempts to conceal the truth. But on the other hand, the UN is made up of all these governments. Hurting them could lead the governments to destabilize the UN and undermine the power of UN. I am going to consider the Utilitarian framework to evaluate if I need to suppress the posts critical of the governments and ensure UN continues to perform its good work with its powers intact, or reveal the truth that could destabilizes the UN. The reason behind choosing the Utilitarian framework is that, it carefully weighs the cost and benefit of an action and helps determine the choice, which is for a greater good (Ess 2009). Also, the framework aligns with UN’s motive of taking decisions which offers greater good for the people. First, I am going to weigh the consequences of publishing news feeds criticizing the governments. Generally during humanitarian
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