The United Nations : An Organization

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The United Nations peacekeeping forces were first used in 1948 to assist in Kashmir and Palestine. It is not mentioned in detail in the United Nations (UN) Charter this practise that later become known as peacekeeping , the word was formally used then during the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis in Egypt. The United Nations is increasingly criticised on the effectiveness of its peacekeeping mission, according to authors of the International Herald Tribune Shaukat Aziz and Luis Dias Diogo “The UN has the noblest of all mandates which is peace and human progress and prosperity”. But according to author Blanchfield L. “The UN has been slow to implement reforms and that linking payment of US assessments to progress on UN reform is the most effective way to motivate member states to efficiently pursue comprehensive reform”. The United Nations is an intergovernmental organisation which is there to promote international cooperation amongst member countries, this organisation replaced the failed League of Nations which was the brainchild of former American president Woodrow Wilson, established on the 24th of October 1945 after World War 2 its main aim is to prevent another global conflict. The UN is seen by its critics as an ineffective partly because of its failure to curb civil war conflicts around the worlds, the headquarters of the UN is situated in Manhattan New York but its main offices are in Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna. The UN has now been around for 71 years, the UN is led by the
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