The United Nations Definition Of Sustainability

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The United Nations definition of sustainability is the reconciliation of environmental, social and economic demands - the “three pillars” of sustainability – for the immediate and future well being of individuals and communities. Important considerations for a sustainable project: - energy (including embodied energy) - water - waste - pollution - user health and well being Reflect the structure of energy assessment methods e.g BREEAM - the design process - the construction process - the materials used - the amount of energy such as heating, cooling or lighting needed to run the building over its life - the amount of energy such as power to workplace equipment or catering used by occupants for their activities - how efficiently this…show more content…
Building Management: Design decisions need to consider user behavior so that fittings, layouts and management options help users to be energy efficient. For example, zoned metering can be ‘smart’ with information displays which help users save energy by understanding where waste occurs in unoccupied areas/times and adjust systems to work better. Some relevant questions to discuss from the start of the project include: - Who is developing policies or explanation/training for behavior in use and are they represented in the design team discussions? - Have user representatives had input to waste and recycling locations, information technology use assumptions, cleaning regime requirements and other activities relevant to a building in use? - What scenarios for future functional changes have been explored and what will that imply for demolition/ rebuilding? - Will feedback on energy use and water consumption be visible, easily understood in relation to what people are doing and thus able to help them manage their behaviour? - Has a review been planned (a post-occupancy evaluation) looking at how the building performs once occupied, so that the project provides an on going learning environment for the the owner/occupants. Flexibility/Adaptability Spaces need to be
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