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With a charter established in 1945, the United Nations began its mission to promote peace and security . International collaboration led to the ratification of the charter by five country representatives at the time: China, France, The Soviet-Union, The United Kingdom and The United States; the UN officially came into existence October 24 1945. Each year since the day of ratification, UN day’s celebration reminds the world of their objective to promote respect for human rights, gender equality; the advancement of women, protecting the environment, fighting disease and reducing poverty. The six main organs within the United Nations: The General Assembly, Security Council, Economics and Social Council, The Trusteeship Council, The…show more content…
However, votes concerning procedural matters excluded, the Security Council cannot adopt a decision if one of the five permanent members casts a veto. If peace is threatened, the council examines complaints concerning the threat by trying to reach agreements through peaceful mediation. In times of emergency, the council may impose economic sanctions or arms embargos to stifle angry nations’ ability to start fighting. If the situation is in true need of intervention, the council may also send military officers or diplomatic peacekeeping forces to help ease tensions until they reach a peaceful agreement. The Economic and Social Council is the principal organ that oversees the economic, social and related work of the United Nations. Special organizations known as the UN family of organizations also falls under their jurisdiction. This council consists of fifty-four members, who all serve three-year terms. The members within the council have only one vote but simply majority decides the outcome of each voting cycle. The council mainly serves as the central medium for discussing economic and social issues as well as holding Annual Ministerial Reviews. Eleven trust territories placed under administration of seven member states are under the jurisdiction of the Trusteeship Council. This council examines and discusses reports from Administering Authority of the people of Trust Territories. It also looks over petitions presented before the organization. This organization

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