The United Nations Human Development

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The Canada we know today is nothing like the Canada of the past, today it is ranked 8th on The United Nations Human Development Index – clearly showing it is an extraordinary place to live. However, the nation we call home wasn’t always this welcoming, democratic or peaceful; in fact Canada has a very dark and violent past. Ever since the signing of the BNA Act in 1867, Canada has taken enormous strides and steps to develop into the nation before us. The gradual, yet impactful development of LGBT Rights within Canada is a perfect example of this. This particular community of people had no rights whatsoever when Canada first became a nation, however after a great deal of adversity and many years of struggle, this community has fought its way to become equals under the eyes of the law. Undoubtedly, we can see this in the values of Canadians and the laws which represent our morals. Today, Canada possess some of the most progressive and just LGBT Rights across the globe, while discrimination and unfair treatment has not been completely abolished from Canada (as we cannot change the values of individuals or religious groups), there is a genera feel of acceptance throughout the country. Through all of this it is apparent that Canada is one of the leading nations in this field, but in order for Canada to reach this stage, many battles, cases, and fights were won. When Canada was first established as a country, it was governed by common law – meaning it was focused on laws that
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