The United Nations : International Organization That Would Maintain Peace And Security

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McKayla Monthei Section A06 Jasmine Brooks November 4, 2014 The United Nations During 1945, after the Second World War, 51 countries committed to maintaining an international organization that would maintain peace and security. This organization became known as the United Nations. The United Nations’ work reaches every corner of the world to help achieve better living standards and human rights (“UN at a Glance”). Although the United Nations has not fully completed their work, they have made some improvements to the world in which we live today. Peacekeeping is commonly defined as the use of military forces by an international organization, to prevent two or more countries from fighting. In a peacekeeping situation, the United Nations…show more content…
Peace enforcement is different because this is when a conflict has already broken out and the United Nations needs to help with dissolving the conflict. Collective security is different because it is when the United Nations identifies an aggressor and engages them with military force to defeat the attacker; instead of trying to maintain peace and making it so countries do not fight (Rourke, 363). In all of these situations, the United Nations may use military force to accomplish these goals of peace. The United Nations have had a hard time trying to perform all of these tasks because of the way that it is set up. The UN has five permanent members, the United States, Russia, China, France, and Britain. All of the permanent members are able to veto any resolutions that are presented to the UN Security Council. This means that for a resolution to pass, no permanent member can veto the resolution, and to get all members to agree is not a simple task. To label the United Nations as being successful or unsuccessful, there should be criteria to compare to. The criterion I think are important to gauge the United Nations’ success are, what is possible, progress, and world opinion. Now, let’s look at some ways that the United Nations’ has enforced peacekeeping, peace enforcement, and collective security. The United Nations has had many peacekeeping missions, a few are The United Nations Organization in the Congo, and the United Nations
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