The United Nations : International Organization That Would Maintain Peace And Security

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McKayla Monthei Section A06 Jasmine Brooks November 4, 2014 The United Nations During 1945, after the Second World War, 51 countries committed to maintaining an international organization that would maintain peace and security. This organization became known as the United Nations. The United Nations’ work reaches every corner of the world to help achieve better living standards and human rights (“UN at a Glance”). Although the United Nations has not fully completed their work, they have made some improvements to the world in which we live today. Peacekeeping is commonly defined as the use of military forces by an international organization, to prevent two or more countries from fighting. In a peacekeeping situation, the United Nations would act as a buffer between the countries involved. Peace enforcement is the restoration of peace once a conflict between two or more countries has already broken out. The United Nations might use military force to compel the feuding countries to stop their fighting. Collective security is one of the original theories behind the United Nations peacekeeping. Collective security is if one country attacks or shows an act of aggression towards one of the members of the United Nation, then it means that all of the other members of the United Nations were shown aggression too (Rourke, 195-232). The differences between these terms is that peacekeeping is when there is not outright conflict, but there could be something that will happen, so the
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