The United Nations Peacekeeping 2

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Running Head: UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING 2 The United Nations is an organization which helps provide countries with security, protection for human rights, promoting law rules, and protecting civilians. The United Nations also takes part in other events such as supporting election organizations. Their main objective is to help countries that have conflicts, and solve the problem or in other words to create peace. The United Nations are currently working on 16 different peacekeeping operations, this organization has had success over 60 years. Just like having success the peacekeepers also have some challenges to deal with. Some of the challenges are: Human rights, civilian protection, environment sustainability and much more like these. Even though the United Nations has a great military, one single mission consist of more than just military troops, others include police officers, administrators, human rights monitors, and economists. United Nations peacekeeping began in 1948. The United Nations also had their very own flag which was bombed on August 19 2003. Their first mission was to observe the agreement between Israel and its Arab neighbours( History of peacekeeping, 2015), which was to make sure that they would not fight for a certain period of time. After their incredible work, the United Nations have received 69 more operations to complete. More than 3326 members of the United Nations from over 120 countries have unfortunately died. Long ago at
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