The United Nations Security Council Essay

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Since the 1970s, the People’s Republic of China has acquired membership of various institutions of international cooperation, the most noticeable ones are the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in 1971 and the WTO in 2001. China has been recognized as an important state actor in regards to global governance. Nonetheless, China in many ways is different from these westerns powers, especially the United States, who has significantly influenced and shaped global governance since the late twenty century. The United States and its western partners prefer a strong role for liberal democratic values in international affairs, and they spare no effort to expand the liberal democracy-related norms in the international community. On the contrary, Chinese government, as a itself non-democratic body, is apparently not a supporter of liberal democracy, neither internationally nor domestically. its economy remains firmly controlled by the state although partly liberalized since the “Reform and Open” in 1979. II. The U.S. efforts For more than a decade, promoting liberal democracy in China has always desirable in America’s national interests, successive U.S. presidents have declared the significance and necessity of political liberalization and democratization in China. The policy of “Constructive Engagement”, proposed by Clinton administration, called for working with Chinese government for close bilateral economic and political cooperation, as well as U.S. advocacy for democracy,
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