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The contemporary world is plagued with intra-state conflicts, struggles over power and territory, and economic crises. As a result, since the end of the Cold War the international community has been providing various forms of assistance and response to conflict-affected countries. ‘Peace-oriented’ initiatives exhibit how international organisations such as the United Nations (UN), the European Union or other donor agencies see themselves as the enablers of sustainable peace. They believe in something called ‘liberal peace’ – a notion that certain types of society, namely liberal democracies, tend to be more peaceful in their domestic and mutual affairs. In consequence, international organisations and liberal states believe that only…show more content…
A utopia is often viewed as an ideology of perfection. According to Berlin, it is a static ideal that is unalterable due to its faultlessness in which all human desires have been fulfilled (Berlin 1991: 20). Thus, all utopias are an adaptation of the Platonic ideal.

Therefore, the practice of liberal peacebuilding embodies an optimism which enshrines the notion that since objective reality is constructed based on the current status quo (in this case it is democratic peace), then it must be the culmination of the finest factors to form the best outcome.

Consquently, liberal peacebuilding has the ideological potential to be described as a practice that ultimately leads to an ideal utopia which views war and conflict as “unnatural and irrational, an artificial contrivance” (Burchill 2013: 60).
Based on the post-Cold War neo-Kantian democratic peace theory, which made democracy the major source of sustaining peace, liberal peacebuilding seems to preach a universal rhetoric that assumes that the greater the number of democratic states, the lower the incidence of inter and intra state wars. Thus, basing itself on the three pillars of peace (democratisation, marketisation, and the rule of law) as examined by Michael W. Doyle (2005), liberal peacebuilding promotes a vision of the world in
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