The United State Army Community

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The United State Army Community
The United States army started in 1775 with only a group of volunteer fighters who opposed against the rule and the oppression of the British. (Hogan 2005) The U.S army is still an all-volunteer fighting force today defending and defeating enemy threats to the United States. Since the creation of the U.S army it has built on tradition and honor for its country and willing to defend the constitution for more than two and a half century. Learning the culture of the United States Army will help give people an understanding of the people who serve in the army as well as learn what shaped the army today.
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When the Revolutionary war happened it brought the country together from all parts of the colonies to fight against the British in the army. “In the active duty army there are; 108,689 Black or African American, 20,853 Asian, 5,155 Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 3,712 American Indian or Alaska Native, 24,551 Other/Unknown, 162,960 Minority.”(Demographics 2015). From the data, today’s army is a very diverse group.
Colonialism played a part in shaping and forming the Army community. The tension between Britain and the colonies began to build because of the unjust rule of the colonies. The colonies wanted to be independent and grow as a nation. Congress decided to declare independence from the British and form the Continental Army. “Previously, each colony had relied upon the militia, made up of part-time civilian-soldiers, for local defense, or the raising of temporary "provincial regiments" during specific crises such as the French and Indian War. The Continental Army consisted of soldiers from all 13 colonies.” (Hogan 2005) Like today’s army the army is a diverse group of people who were young, old, and came from different backgrounds. When they joined the army they gave up to their way of life to fight what they thought was right. The army was not very organized and well trained because on the lack of experiences. The army increased its effectiveness and success rate through a series of trials
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