The United State Relations Between South Korea And United States

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From the end of World War II, the relation between South Korea and United State has evolved in many aspects with regard to military alliance, economic cooperation, and cultural exchange. Such relationship has lasted almost 70 years, back and forth. In fact, Republic of Korea- United State relations have been extensive since 1950, when the United State helped establish the modern state of South Korea and fought on it United State-sponsored side in the Korea War (1950-1953). During the subsequent four decades, South Korea experienced tremendous economic, political and military growth, and significantly reduced U.S. dependency. The basic timeline of South Korea- United State relations can be divided into five stages: Start Bilateral relations (End of World War II), Military Alliance( Korean War, 1950-1953), Relation Weakened (1980s-1990s), Relation Strengthened (End of 1990-2000), and Relation continued (2000-present). The first stage of South Korea-United States relations began at the end of World War II at 1945. The main reason was that United States wanted to establish a multilateral alliance with East Asian countries in order to further expand its influence to the East Asian area. In addition, United State needed to find a loyal alliance to compete with the Soviet Union. Thus, following the end of World War II, the United States decided to establish a bilateral alliance with South Korea instead of a multilateral alliance with South Korea and other East
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