The United State War On Drugs

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The United States government has been wasting millions of dollars each year on a worthless war that cannot be won. This war is explained in detail by author Art Caden in their essay “Let’s Be Blunt” about the United State war on drugs. The war on drugs began in 1971 under the order of President Richard Nixon, and it was one of the worst decisions he ever made. It has been nothing but a waste of government funding, time, and manpower that can only be described as a dismal failure and should be repealed or at the very least medical marijuana should be made legal. The essay “Let’s Be Blunt” was written to show the flaws and failure of the war on drugs. I nits intro the essay takes a very pro drug legalization stance Caden states””. Early on the author compares the current drug war to prohibition, the banning of alcohol decades ago. Caden compares the current drug related crime to the massive amount of crime that arose during prohibition. He claims that the bans on these substances are what cause the crime not the drug themselves. By having drugs do illegal it results in people have to resort to using underground and dangerous methods to obtain them which they clearly are willing to do. Next an argument is presented against the way the government goes about fighting this war. Stating that the government focus its efforts on catching “Mr. Big” a theoretical mastermind drug dealer responsible for the vast majority if drug sales. However such a person does not exist. Finally
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