The United State 's Foreign Policy

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J. Lee Utter 11/19/14 American Foreign Policy Essay What will be the biggest future challenge for American foreign policy and what should be done to address it? Hypothesis: The United State’s foreign policy will make a shift in the coming years to focus more intently on suppressing individual groups that use terrorism as a political strategy, rather than focusing on specific and identifiable States as in the past. The organizations mentioned before will be using the Internet to coordinate attacks, as well as attempt to hack US Government systems to their advantage. As a result, cyber security and antiterrorism stand to be the biggest future challenges for American foreign policy. In order to understand the future of foreign policy for…show more content…
After World War II the United States was busy containing the spread of Communism and the Soviet Union. In recent history foreign policy has not been specifically defined with one mission like before. The duties of the agencies that oversee foreign policy are changing constantly to best suit the nation’s needs (USHistory). In the past hundred years human society has discovered flight, put a man on the moon, created nuclear bombs, and developed a way for anyone to access all of human discovery using a device that fits in their pocket. Life is changing at a absurd rate. There is no telling what the next hundred years has in store. Foreign policy needs to keep up with the changing world and the new ideas that come with change. What will become the next big challenge for foreign policy makers? In the past 25 years the nation has experienced numerous terrorist attacks. These attacks are designed to put fear in the average American’s hearts and minds. Citizen’s safety has been placed in the spotlight so much more now than before September 11th 2001. Although these attacks are on domestic soil, they often begin with planning and recruiting in places all around the world. Terrorism has just recently become an issue for America. Foreign policy needs to be tailored to this new type of combat. Another new trend changing the world is the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized everyone’s daily lives. From a foreign policy
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