The United States ' 2003 Invasion Of Iraq

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THE THEORYOF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THAT BEST EXPLAINS THE UNITED STATES’ 2003 INVASION OF IRAQ Name: University: Instructor: Date: Introduction The war in Iraq is noted to have been initiated by the American’s efforts to fight terrorism. At the time, the British and the Americans had affirmed that Saddam Hussein, the then Iraq’s leader was associated with terrorism that had internationalized. Moreover, they had established that Saddam Hussein had the ability to use massive destruction weapons. President Bush and Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, are also found the need to deliver Iraq people from the bad leadership of Saddam Hussein and support them to build a democratic form of government. However, according to the critics, America’s reason to invade Iraq was found to match realism and imperialism theories especially because; Iraq was rich in oil resources. That the reasons raised by the Americans and the Britons to cause war in Iraq had not been accepted by the United Nations Council and no evidence had been found to associate Saddam Hussein with any forms of international threats. From another perspective, the critics’ point of view is supported by the experiences the Iraq people have gone through after the death of Saddam Hussein. That is, they have under gone through serious political and economical sufferings causing many of them to flee their country[1]. Realism is defined to refer to power seeking
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