The United States : A Global Power And The Attack On The Twin Towers Essay

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The United States of America is a global power and had been for many years and as a result of that the U.S. has had to deal with global threats ranging from war threats to bombings and attacks. In this essay I will analyze and talk about how the U.S. responded to the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Cuban Missile Crisis, and the attack on the Twin Towers. On December 7, 1941, Hundreds of Japanese fighter planes attacked the United States specifically the American Naval base at Pearl Harbor near Honolulu. This surprise attack was tragic and killed over 2,000 soldiers and sailors and injured another 1,000 soldiers. The day after this attack President Franklin D Roosevelt asked congress to declare war on Japan and they approved this declaration. Not only did the USA declared on Japan , they joined world war 2 which had been alive for two years already. Relations between Japan and the U.S. weren 't good at that time, the U.S enacted an embargo on oil supplies to Japan because of their invasions of China. However, Roosevelt was trying to avoid American intervention in World War 2. Two days after the war started Roosevelt deliver a speech saying he would do all he could to avoid joining the war but as the 40s approached americans knew that with the threat of Hitler and Mussolini , they would no longer be safe in isolationism. Before we entered the war and before Pearl Harbor U.S. foreign policy changed to give aid to Britain because if they fell then America would have to engaged
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