The United States : An Independent World Power

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Today, the United States is known around the world as an independent world power that strives to lead the world in granting freedom and independence for all of it’s citizens. But our country’s first colonists had a much different experience than American’s do today. They had little control over the colonies themselves. The colonies were taxed randomly, and were given no representation in their government. As the colonists began to be greatly displeased with this situation they began a revolution that would bring about the creation of one of the most important documents in our country’s history.
The original thirteen colonies were part of the British Empire and were immensely used for the cultivation and export of North America’s natural resources. As other countries began to realize the value of these British North American colonies, war broke out and the British Empire spent many years fighting to protect their control and possession of the colonies. Britain’s victory of the French and Indian War gave Parliament a sense of entitlement to control the colonies as well as a surmounting debt from the costs of the war. Parliament felt the finances that were used during these battles were to protect the colonies and they believed the colonists should begin to contribute more to maintain part of the British Empire. They began imposing taxes on the colonies to have them pay their portion of the costs to maintain the colonies in the British Empire.

In 1764 the British
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