The United States And Canada

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To the surprise of most people the biggest trade relationship in the world is not USA and China or USA and Saudi Arabia, but it is actually our unsuspecting neighbors to the North. Canada exports a whopping 73% of its goods to the United States and imports 53% of its goods from them. This relationship consisted of $347.8 Billion in imports and $312.4 Billion in exports in 2014. Crude oil is the biggest export in Canada accounting for 18% of total exports, with cars following close behind with 10%. As close as this relationship is there is some very key differences in the way that the United States and Canada treat businesses and regulate the economy. The US has always been business first, and following the idea that the market will choose…show more content…
Much of the opposition to this act during the negotiation stages were from the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party who saw this as a threat to Canada’s independent nature, who was at the time just cutting its last ties with Britain. Polls showed that the majority of Canadians were against this act, and were much more concerned with Canada’s culture preservation than the economic benefits. Although since the opposition was split between two parties it meant that the pro-act Progressive Conservative party won and the act was signed into law by both Canada and the US. Canada has much different import restrictions than the US, Restrictions in Canada are much more focused on preserving the economy and culture of Canada. Whereas restrictions in the US are more market and business focused. US trade and marketplace laws give much more power and influence to businesses and let them decide what is made and sold in the US. For example with chocolate, Hershey Chocolate Company has a large amount of influence on chocolate in the US keeping most Cadbury products out. Hershey’s bought Cadbury’s US operations in 1988 and license the recipes from Cadbury to create US versions of Cadbury’s original candies. So Hershey essentially puts an embargo on any Cadbury or foreign chocolate they don’t want sold in the US, and it is perfectly legal because of US trademark laws. This
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