The United States And Canada

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The difference the United States has from other countries comes from societal and social normative. The United States foundation was built upon individualistic ideals. Given these points, The United States society upholds the American Bill or rights; it is organized around the Declaration of Independence, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Barr 36). Alternatively, Canadian foundational principles were built upon collectivist concepts. The Canadian government preserves the principle of parliamentary supremacy; it is organized around “peace, order, and good government” (Barr 36). So, it is logical that after the Revolution during the cultural migration those in favor of British rule moved to the north. Conversely, those supporting the south supported newly independent colonies. The divide between Canada and the United States transcend into healthcare as well. Markedly, the United States and Canada differ in policy. Canadians place concentration on making decisions for the common good; for the people. Americans focus on making decisions for the rights of the individual. To explain, “the United States pushes the cost of healthcare while other institutions hold down funds to pay for healthcare” (Barr 52). To put it another way, Canada spends less on healthcare than the United States. In fact, the Canada and the United States physicians practice medicine differently, therefore the costs of healthcare differ. Comparatively, “Canada spends 10
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