The United States And Capitals

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The Fifty States and Capitals The fifty states and capitals was one of my favorite lessons in school. I would teach this lesson in fifth grade. My goal in the unit would be to have the students know all fifty states and capitals. There is a catchy song to attach with the lesson. I remember learning, and remembering, the fifty states and capitals by hearing the content in a song. Every day, the students would learn ten states and capitals. The song would only play the states and capitals they have learned and are going to learn that day. I would share with the students that our goal is to make it through the entire song by the end of the week. The YouTube video I would use is done by the famous Wakko. The states and capitals are sang in a catchy rhythm ( However, the video is sang fast. An interactive activity for the students, would be to have a piece of scratch paper and write down all of the states and capitals they caught as Wakko was singing them. For the students to learn the songs, I would have to stop the song and let the students respond to a few questions. Once the students knew some of the states and capitals, they will have a blast singing them as quick as Wakko does. As I was browsing YouTube, I found the same song but slowed down ( I would use this one to teach the students and then listen to the fast version once the students caught onto the lesson.
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