The United States And Cuba Essay

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The United States and Cuba The United States is the leader of the free world. The United States exercises strength in this role through trade agreements and military strength. Because of this, the foreign policies the United States puts into place greatly affect the economies of other countries. This is especially true of Cuba. The island of Cuba is just over 100 miles south of the Florida border. The United States and Cuba have struggled to find common ground in regards to foreign policy over the past few decades. In the Cold War, Fidel Castro, who would later become the dictator of Cuba took control of Havana and with his revolutionaries overthrew Fulgencio Batista. The United States disagreed with the communist ideology of Castro, but let him rule anyway. The United States took economic issue only after Cuba began increasing trade with the communist Soviet Union. What began as a reducing sugar imports from Cuba soon became a ban on almost of the products Cuba was exporting. The Bay of Pigs invasion, where the United States tried to oust Fidel Castro with help from the Central Intelligence Agency, was unsuccessful and deepened the rift between these two countries. Cuba retaliated by granting permission to the Soviet Union to construct a missile base on Cuba. The United States then threatened to invade Cuba. This famous Cuban Missile Crisis was eventually averted. More importantly, it effectively demonstrates the mistrust between the United States and Cuba. It

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