The United States And Danish Political System

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Introduction In recent debates, immigrants have become a hot topic of conversation in both the United States and Danish political system. Jesper Luthman explained, healthcare is politics because of (in)equality in healthcare delivery and methods of prioritizing the multitude of health services offered. With the 2016 United States’ presidential election approaching, policies surrounding refugees and healthcare have been major topics of debate. Similarly, Denmark has been dealing with accommodation issues with incoming and current immigrants. With the influx of Syrian refugees since the 20th century, they now account for 10% of the Danish population (Delman, 2016). Immigrants with preconceived diseases as well as diseases contracted in the…show more content…
Based on academic research, prior knowledge, and recent events with refugees, access to healthcare is a pertinent issue in the United States and Denmark with various similarities and differences. Both countries deal with similar barriers with accessing health services that are related to language, culture, and difficulty navigating the health and social systems of the host country (Szajna, 2014) Methods Having this general knowledge, it is essential to delve more into what services are provided, as well as statistical analysis found through research. Working together a short list of articles was comprised and all were read thoroughly and analyzed. After discussing multiple social inequalities that cause health disparities, a consensus was decided on for the health treatment and access of immigrants as well as migrants seeking asylum. To better understand statistical evidence for this recent influx in both the United States and Denmark, the reason for seeking asylum must be understood. Political unrest in countries such as Syria, Russia, and Somalia may invoke a desire to flee to safer countries that better provide opportunities, ensuing basic human rights. When conducting research multiple methods were utilized. Reading and incorporating articles from class was essential for initial data
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