The United States And Invasion Of Afghanistan

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The world has been reluctant to call the war in Afghanistan a religious war and has instead emphasized the political motives. This paper will argue that the United States and allied invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 should be a full five stars on the BBC audit, declaring it a war based on religion. The Islamic State’s attack on September 11, 2001 cause the United States and its idea of democracy to assume the role of a symbolic religion. The United States took on the role of the enemy of the Islamic State due to their unwanted involvement in the Middle East. In the 1990’s the United States had desecrated mosques, which was an insult to the Muslim religion. The United States also aided in the formation of the state of Israel. This gave land, from the Islamic State, to a group that the Muslims saw as an enemy due to the difference in religious beliefs. This and the fact that America established bases in Saudi Arabia lead to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Islamic State of the Middle East saw the United States’ involvement as a threat to their nation, which is based on the Muslim religion. Muslims were called to protect their land because they had to protect their religion. The day of the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001 started a war that was influenced by religious motives. George W. Bush responded to the terrorist attacks by invading Afghanistan in 2001. He established his National Defense Policy. This policy called for a spread of

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