The United States And Japan

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Due to Japan never wanting to surrender to the United States of America, two bombs were dropped on two cities which were Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There were many reasons why the United States decided to launch their nuclear attack. One of those reasons was that they wanted to end the war and save lives. An invasion would have cost too much and would have had a lot more people killed. Another reason was that the U.S didn’t want another war happening which was going to be Russia vs Japan. They intervened to show how dominant they were and show dominance over the two countries. The last reason that will be talked about is Pearl Harbour. The United States wanted revenge for what the Japanese had done to them. The conflict between the United…show more content…
They knew the dangers of this weapon of mass destruction and wanted to be the first to make this weapon. After Germany surrendered in WW2, the Americans were the first to have built the atomic bomb. Thus, being the first to have created it, they wanted to test it out and show their dominance. They then decided to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki thus ending the war between them and Japan. First and foremost, the main reason the United States bombed Japan was that they wanted to simply end the war between them. Before having the idea to bomb Japan, they were planning a full scale invasion. As Gianfranco mentions in his article, “the united States were already underway for their largest operation of the pacific war, Operation Downfall.” This operation had two main parts which were operation Olympic and Coronet and were set to begin in the month of October 1945. Operation Olympic involved series of landings that were intended to capture the southern part of the Japanese island. The second part was Operation Coronet which involved capturing Kanto Plain. The United States then decided to use their weapon of mass destruction that they had just developed at the beginning of May 1945. The U.S chose this option because as Frank, Richard B explains in his article that “a study was done by the Joint Chefs in April 1945, which showed there would have been 1.78 fatalities per 1000 men. This implied that conquering Japan would cost 1.6 million U.S casualties” . This would be way too
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