The United States And Japan

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There had been a growing outcry from the public and leaders for something to be done to reduce the increasingly growing number of Japanese immigrants in the West Coast. Subsequent regulations placed on the Japanese in the United States made them aggravated. There was serious trouble brewing between the United States and Japan until the Japanese carried out attacks on Pearl Harbour in December 1941. After the attack on Pearl Harbor there was increased spread of propaganda from the press and local leaders against the people with Japanese roots. There were numerous calls to the Congress and President Roosevelt for removal of the Japanese from the Pacific Coast. On the 19th day of February 1942, President Roosevelt issued the Executive Order Number 9066 (Wheeler, Becker and Glover 244). The Executive Order authorized the evacuation of the Issei and Missei. About 120000 individuals of Japanese ancestry, both citizens and non-citizens were evacuated from the West Coast in what Lt. General John DeWitt said was compelled by “military necessity” (Wheeler, Becker and Glover 244). The most convincing and reliable evidence reveals that the removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor did not meet the “clear and present danger” test. I do not agree with the Supreme Court’s decision. During the evacuation process, Fred Korematu, a Japanese American, sought to evade the ordeal by concealing his identity by using a plastic surgery and using a forged identity. Fred was
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