The United States And Mexico Essay

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The United States and Mexico’s relationship have been at the center of a strained political debate about immigration and national security. Immigrants illegal and legal coming from Mexico have been the cause of great concern for many Americans. Immigration is a hot point and a solution to what seems to some as an overflow of newcomers needs to come to. Mexico and the United States have a long and complicated history. As we border each other, it is in our best interest to examine and treat the issue delicately. There has been the discussion of building a wall along the Mexican US border that runs 1951 miles. I am opposed to this idea and believe that we can find a remedy to this issue by other means as the institution of a wall and all of its implications will be detrimental to our relationship with our very close neighbors.

The US and Mexico have a long history that has affected both countries since the 1820s when Mexico won its independence from Space in 1821. The Unites States has always been the more powerful nation in the relationship which has affected the way both nations view each other. In 1846 the Mexican American war began, and The treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo ended it in 1848. The treaty added to the US territory and detracted from Mexico, giving us what is now known as California Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. During World War II, the United states welcomed Mexicans to work through the Bracero Program which lasted until 1964. This was due to the shortage
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