The United States And South Korea

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The United States and South Korea are both developed countries in opposite sides of the world. Consequently, the challenges that the education field faces in regards to mental health are different. First, a concern discussed in regards to mental health in schools in the United States is how to deal with the different challenges that arise in children with learning disabilities. There is a lot of debate whether or not these children with special needs should be educated on inclusive education, or not. These challenges are further worsened when it comes to different resources that are available in schools. Because of the lack of funding that many schools face, it makes it harder for the school to help these children thrive in school. However, in South Korea most children who are considered to have learning disabilities are put on inclusive education the majority of the time to help them not only in their education but also in ways that they can better adapt to society once they are done with school. Additionally, the South Korean education system faces the challenge of reducing depression and anxiety among middle and high school students. Suicide rates in Korea are the highest in the world, and the youth are no exception to this trend. Because of the amount of pressure that students are given by their parents and society, more students have been presenting symptoms of depression and anxiety. Every year, there are always cases of students committing suicide before and after

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