The United States And The 21st Century Essay

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The 21st Century has brought progress and challenges to the world; however, the United States remains the world’s leader in economic growth, technologic advancement, military strength and security, and the protection of human rights. After the 2008 economic recession that resulted in the economy shrinking by 8.2%, the United States saw an economic turnaround as it became the world’s leader in oil exports due to its shale oil revolution. However, struggles in the European Union caused its collapse, a Maoist insurgency sprang up within China, and Africa and the Middle East have experienced an increase in armed conflict and a growth in terrorist organizations. The United States continues to be relevant and ready to react to the changing landscape of the world of 2030. With the infamous “Brexit” vote in 2016, the United Kingdom’s (UK) separation from the European Union (EU) was only the start of the union’s eventual downfall. Upon exiting the EU, the UK also chose to leave the EU’s Single Market, causing friction for UK manufacturing firms. The Single Market Strategy removed internal borders and other regulatory obstacles between EU states in regards to trade. The function of the Single Market was to “stimulate competition and trade, improve efficiency, raise quality, and cut prices.” However, with “Brexit”, the UK lost rights to sell to into the European markets without discrimination. Huge tariffs were placed on EU imports that caused financial distress to
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