The United States And The Arab Countries Essay

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of either the capitalist block, led by USA or the Socialist block led by the former USSR. In that global division of Africa and Arab Countries, both Ethiopia and the Gulf Arab Countries was strong adherent with the capitalist block. Both enjoyed American and West European political patronage and protection. Thus imperial Ethiopia and the Gulf Arab Countries were partners against the spread of socialist and radical political ideas in this part of the world (Hoynes 1993).
Surprisingly, their strong and pro-capitalist political alliance did not led to significant involvement of the rich Gulf Arab Countries in Ethiopian economic development during the rule of Emperor Haile Sillassie. We are not very sure about the rate of involvement Gulf Arab countries in other African Countries during the same period. But it is still very curious to know the reasons for complete absence of GCC Arab Countries investment in the Imperial Ethiopia.
One may assume that the political crisis that erupted after formal abolition of the federal status of Eritrea in 1962 ignited resentment and anger in the Arab World including the Gulf Arab Countries (Bahru, 1991). The Eritrean Federal status, prescribed by the UN General Assembly provided that Arabic would be the second official language Muslims of Eritrea would enjoy full fleshed equality in both cultural and political terms. Thus the abolition of the Federal status could evoke anger and frustration in Eritrea and the neighboring Muslim Arab World.
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