The United States And The Church Of A Gentleman's Club For The Past Decade

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Historically, smaller towns in the United States are often controlled by a central religious group regardless of the separation of church and state(Wright 210 p. 152). In Ohio, a local church had been in protest of a Gentleman 's Club for the past decade (Moran 2014). The employees of the establishment only recently started fighting back with a topless protest of their own outside the church on Sunday mornings(Moran 2014). The church had been victimizing customers of the gentleman 's club by photographing their license plates (Moran 2014). In Christian Communities it is believed that sex is to only be used within marriage and in some communities it is taught that sex is to only be utilized for reproduction (Johnson and Jordan 2006 p. 86).…show more content…
According to Gallup, support for homosexual marriage has reached an all time high at 55% (Gallup 2014). If a sex worker were to reveal his or her true occupation as an escort, this will most likely have very damaging repercussions to their reputation in a town like Valdosta. Many workers engage in what is called "selective disclosure" where they are very selective and cautious in choosing who they disclose their real occupation to (Goffman 1963). Since it is difficult to find first hand accounts of escorts who have publically disclosed their occupation, we took a look at the practice of homosexuality and how religious groups feel about them since that also against the Judeo- Christian mindset. In the First United Methodist Church, which is one of the more popular denominations in the country, anyone who identifies themselves as a "practicing homosexual" is banned from being a part of any leadership in the church (Anderson 2013 p. 619). In Judeo- Christian tradition, female sex workers have historically symbolized sin for centuries and have long been the example for the punishment of adultery (Roberts 1992). This is another reason why worker and client confidentiality is an advantage for this branch of sex work. It may be difficult for an escort business in a town like Valdosta to find employees. Sex work and an individual 's involvement in it takes a very unique psychological and lifelong toil on them (Koken 2012, p. 210). Many
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