The United States And The Civil War Essay

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History 1376- Paper Assignment #3
The United States has had a multitude of conflicts throughout all it’s years as a country. One of the preeminent conflicts that the United States had to face was the Civil War. Also known as “The War Between the States,” because it was a war fought between the United States and Confederate States in 1865 over the conservation of the institution of slavery. The Civil War has made abiding effects on the United States today by reuniting two unions, ending the institution of slavery and helping to establish the country that we know today. The four most significant events that led to the Civil War was the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Dred Scott decision, and Abraham Lincoln’s election. The first event that prompted the Civil war was the Compromise of 1850. In 1846 the United States and Mexico were at war, because the United States wanted to annex Texas and expropriate other Mexican territories. After two years, in 1848 the war concluded and the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. The treaty redrew the lines of territory, which gave the United States a third of Mexican land. Americans started moving into these lands hoping to turn the them into states. In the 1849 California had a large enough population and was qualified to apply for statehood. California wanted to enter as a free state, but the Southerners deplored it because it would mess up the balance of pro and anti slavery senates in Congress, on the other hand

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