The United States And The Civil War

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During a civil war, the country 's is divided into two ideas. In a civil war, it gets bloody to the point that one kills their own blood because of their different points of views. When this happens, a generation tends to be lost. Forgot like the concept survival of the fittest; where one party wins and gets in control of the country. This happened in Guatemala during their thirty year civil war. It began in 1954, when President Arbenze left office. Reasons were, he had some socialist ideas that the United States interpreted as Communist ideology, such as making the United Fruit Company national (Burrett, 1954). This worried the United States, and planned to to impeach Arbenze. Methods such as instigating a civil war that encouraged Arbenze to flee for his life. After, Arbenze flee the country the United States created a puppet state. Leaving left the military in charge, encouraged the military to exploite the indigenous people. The military harassed the natives and would kick them out of their land for selfish perupose. Beatriz Arbenz in the nineteen-seventies would go to Guatemala in a city called Santa Maria Tzeja, located in the near borders of Mexico in the West side of Guatemala. She did her ethnography there, spending three decades of recording Guatemala. She described the historical and psychological impact the community endure. One argues that such actions can be consider as a genocide, where the military exploited the indigenous Mayan community. Majority what’s…

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