The United States And The Civil War

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During a civil war, the country 's is divided into two ideas. In a civil war, it gets bloody to the point that one kills their own blood because of their different points of views. When this happens, a generation tends to be lost. Forgot like the concept survival of the fittest; where one party wins and gets in control of the country. This happened in Guatemala during their thirty year civil war. It began in 1954, when President Arbenze left office. Reasons were, he had some socialist ideas that the United States interpreted as Communist ideology, such as making the United Fruit Company national (Burrett, 1954). This worried the United States, and planned to to impeach Arbenze. Methods such as instigating a civil war that encouraged…show more content…
As these ideas are benign recycled, one can reflect on the past to end this from happening ever again.
The Beginning
During the 1950’s, President Arbenze was elected for President of Guatemala, he had interesting ideas of making the United Fruit Company national. Imitating what Mexico did in the making PIMEX national. Unlike Mexico, President Cardenas embarked on nationalizing the oil company from the US and the Anglo-Dutch; Arbenze planned to do the same with the United Fruit Company. The United Fruit Company was Guatemala biggest exporter of banana to the US. When Arbenze introduce it to the government, the FBI and CIA became suspicious. Why? The president of the united fruit company were the Dulles brother. They were John Foster Dulles who was Secretary of State, and Allen Dulles head of the DCI who also gave rise of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They convince the House of Representatives and the US that Arbenze was “red”; code “red” means he was communistic. Even though he was not associated with the Communist party, the Dulles brother wanted to take no risk. They United States planned to take him out of power.
Operation Overthrow
First step of action was the instigating a war against Arbenze. The Dulles brother went around Guatemala finding someone who would want to overthrow Arbenze. His name was Edgar Ibarra, and he would be the face of the revolution. The
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