The United States And The Civil War

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In the 1800s Mexico owned a large portion of North America. This Mexican territory included the current country of Mexico along with, Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, parts of Nevada, and Texas. When the Mexican government allowed American to live in Texas conflicts arose between the settlers and government. The Americans rebelled and stared their own republic and asked to join the United States. After much debate, the Republic of Texas was annexed and shortly after a war broke out between the States and Mexico. After Americans settled in Texas under the Mexican government, rebelled and formed their own republic, the Mexican war started when the territory disputes led a group of Mexican forces to attack American soldiers in the disputed area. The war stretched over two years showcasing the work of upcoming military leaders, such as “Stonewall” Jackson. After the war , the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo settled the current western borders of the states while the Wilmot Proviso attempted to set up an anti-slavery policy in the newly added lands. In 1824, Mexico decided to let Americans settle in Texas. The Mexican government agreed to give Americans land grants if they became Catholic and learned Spanish ; by 1830 there were about 7,000 Americans in Texas (Keene,325). Soon there proved to be a clash of interest between the new settlers and the Texan Mexicans, called Tejanos. The American 's neglected the conditions of their settlement and brought many slaves into

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