The United States And The Civil War

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The lives that we live and the freedoms that we have today may be considered great for the majority of our population. This could be attributed to the history of the United States and the civil war. What would our country be like if the Confederacy won the war? How would our lives be impacted and what freedoms would we have today if that were the case? What if the major Union victories were actually Confederate victories? The following is just an idea of what potentially could have happened if this were the case. There was intense fighting that occurred throughout the United and Confederate States of America ranging from Texas and as far north as Pennsylvania as well as Naval battles Atlantic Ocean and a few in the Gulf of Mexico. Coupled…show more content…
If the Confederate Army had been in control, the slaves would have eventually been freed due to the Emancipation Proclamation established by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.
The battle of Fort Donelson took place in Tennessee during February of 1862. The significance of this battle was that Fort Donelson was considered to be the heart of the Confederacy. Fort Donelson was a Confederate built fortress used to control the Cumberland River. Fort Donelson was quickly over-run by General Ulysses S. Grant and Union Forces. If the fighting at Fort Donelson were reversed, the Union would not be able to use the fort as a staging area and would not allow them to advance the front lines in their favor. With the Confederate Army occupying Fort Donelson, they would be able to have a central point to bring casualties, make plans for future battles in the area, and house their soldiers allowing for higher morale and a better rested fighting force. Remaining in control of Fort Donelson would also allow for the Confederate to have better vantage points for potential Union attacks.
Virginia was the location of the Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Appomattox Courthouse, which were the first and last battles of the American Civil War. Virginia was also the home of the Confederate capital, Richmond. The majority of the notable battles in Virginia were Confederate victories, until around 1864-1865 when Richmond was set ablaze by the retreating Confederate soldiers during a Union
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