The United States And The Civil War

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Topic: To what extend did the US have an impact on El Salvador and the way it was shifting //To what extent did the US have the rights to interfere in the Civil war in El Salvador (and the outcomes) //force modernization to the indigenous group.//To what extent was it ethically correct for the United States to help in the Salvadorian War.


El Salvador was first settled by the Native American people known as the Pipils. El Salvador like any other great countries had an ancient civilization that settled within it. In Salvador, the Mayan Civilization occupied it and the land shared with other groups of civilizations. But these peaceful days could not go on forever. In the mid 1520 's, the Spaniards wanted to increase the
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The United States seen this as a rebellion against their own Government and didn 't support ideas of the FMLN, so they interfered with the revolution. The United States backed up the military leader that was in charge of El Salvador, Carlos Humberto Romero Mena to stand up against the FMLN revolutionary group. After 12 years of the war between the El Salvador army and the FMLN, the peace agreements were signed, and the FMLN group won. They later formed into a political party. So the United States interfered with a war that was bound to happen, which was going to have the same outcome no matter what. With the interference of the United States, they prolonged a quick, short war and made it last 12 years. Many lives that shouldn 't have been taken were taken due to the action of the interference of the United States. Others might argue to say that, No the United States intervention was the right thing to do, since if they didn 't interfere, the FMLN group would continue to spread the ideas of Communism throughout the whole world without any limit on them. And with the United States intervention, this created a limiter and brought truth to the FMLN group that trying to make every human have the same ideas is not that simple to do, and not everyone will listen to those ideas.

El Salvador was founded like any other countries, by the ancient civilizations. Those ancient civilizations were known as the Pipils and the Mayans. They were natives who lived their lives by
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