The United States And The Kingdom Of Denmark

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Each country in the world is composed of various social institutions- a set of organized beliefs and rules that establish how a society attempts to meet its basic needs. Some countries owe their success and power to the way in which their social institutions are structured. Although, one successful country may operate some of their social institutions and family patterns incompletely different manners or with just minute differences, they may still manage to be just about as successful as the other successful country. Two such countries are the United States of America, and the Kingdom of Denmark. Both of these countries are very highly technologized and heavily successful. However, their social institutions and family patterns of education, dating and courtship, marriage and the family, alternative forms of marriage, divorce and remarriage, and the role of men and women in business and culture, and health, to name a few, have both similarities and differences in the ways in which they operate. First, for a little background on each country. The United States of America is a highly diversified nation located in North America. The country borders the North Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the North Pacific Ocean in the west, between Canada and Mexico. This country is technologically advanced, and has one of the world’s leading industrial power. With an area of 9,630 million km², the United States has a population of 313,478,000 people (United States of America Profile).

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