The United States And The Mexican American War

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The United States believed that it was their God given right to spread from coast to coast. The people of the young nation set out to do just that on a journey unofficially called the Manifest Destiny. President James. K. Polk offered Mexico twenty-five million dollars for the area of Texas and told Mexican leaders to name their price on California. The United States needed the land to fulfill their destiny to spread across the continent. Although the offer was a very generous Mexico declined. Thereby, American troops were sent down past the Nueces River to “poke” or cause enough tension for Mexicans to fire upon American troops to start the first battle. The Mexicans believed the Nueces River was the border of America and Mexico, but…show more content…
The gold rush in all brought in over two billion dollars worth of the desired metal. Had the United States not done what it took to get the land the discovery of gold could have been postponed decades. Therefore, meaning America may not have ever gotten that money. Not only was the gold rush favorable to the economy, but the land was also great for agriculture and industry. Numerous citizens that moved west did not do so for gold, several moved west to start a business or a farm. The businesses started over in the west would prove to be for the best for most families and helped the United States’ economy. The idea of moving west and finding gold or start a business to help the “49ers” to get rich quick thrilled many American citizens which aided the growth of the west. The land was not the only benefit; the Mexican American war was the first war in American history to be fought primarily on foreign soil. So because the war was fought on Mexico’s land the United States did not have to pay for damages done during the conflict. As a result, the American economy did not take another devastating hit to pay for the wreckage. Overall the decision to go to war with Mexico for the land was an economic success, although it caused controversy socially and politically. Politically the bloodshed and enmity between the Mexicans and Americans was a disaster. The war caused more problems than it
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