The United States And The Middle East

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Take a moment to conceptualize this. The United States has broken into another civil war with all 50 states claiming independence. Your Neighbors, friends, & family being killed. You don 't have a home because it as blown up. And all your worried about is how to find you and your families next meal. You beg and try everything to leave this area even daring to ride a rubber boat to have the chance of safety and a normal life. But in this scenario The Middle East is the thriving united nation that stands for the ideal of freedom. You and your family spend weeks and months trying to get to the United Arab States(UAS), but yet they reject you because there people do not want to help you from an undeniable death. None of you would deny that you…show more content…
Such as The Great War & World War Two. But yet we don’t even help in an area where one of the most treacherous terrorist groups ISIL has emerged. Germany has taken over 800,000 refugees. There country is around 28 times smaller then the U.S. The United States is known for leading the world in so many things. They took charge in the later half of World War 1 and World War 2. They took charge in the Korean War and in the war against communism. But when it comes to saving the lives of countless innocent lives we do not take charge. One justification to taking in refuges is that some say The United States are the ones to blame for the instability in the area allowing the terrorist group to emerge. There has always been major instability in the Middle East due to the poorly drawn borders by The Europeans following the collapse of The Ottoman Empire and the decline of colonization and Imperialism. The rise of The Islamic State can be directly linked the involvement of The U.S. In the first gulf war and the war against terrorism against Al Qaeda. If you are a 5 year old living in the Middle East and let 's say your father is killed on accident or on purpose by American troops in the Middle East. You would gain hatred towards the U.S.and would possibly join terrorist group. All Middle Easterners are tired of The U.S. Going into Iraq and Afghanistan destroying homes and villages, throwing coups and overthrowing
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