The United States And The Origins Of The Cold War

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Ivan Novoa
Professor Calvo
23 July 2015
The United States and the Origins of the Cold War Essay
Thinking about the decisions, strategies and goals of Soviet Union and the United States views on world domination and the possible accomplishment of such. The first and main would be to think and observe critically concerning the worldwide political scenery in the years after World War II (1945). This moment in history; taking all the way through the Cold War, may be seen as a lapse of severe ideological polarization through the world. Noticeably there were followers of the two conflicting camps expressing confidence that their philosophy would emerge victorious over the other and become the pre-outstanding type of government around
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If you do not think about 'world domination ' in the Alexanderian or Napoleonic sense, but rather a global hegemonic sense; then yes the Soviet Union (and on the other side of the same coin, the U.S.) were aiming towards world domination during the arms races ' taking place from 1945 onwards.

The Soviet Union in pursuit of its objective of world hegemony during the last half of the twentieth century, not only accepted the premise that military warfare was inevitable and essential, but continued to orient each and every policy and action toward a constant increase of total Soviet military potential. There was no doubt that the advent of Soviet atomic capability would result in a sharp increase in Soviet total power. When talking about this power though, were are not saying that the Soviets possessing a sizable stockpile of atomic weapons would necessarily equal the Soviets attacking the United States and its Allies by direct military action. This was always certainly on the forefront of the political landscape of the time though. When thinking about the employment of military force by the Soviets though, one must take into consideration other Soviet strategic forces already engaged directly, as well as the status of Soviet-controlled areas and peoples. Therefore, at the time, any approximation of estimation of military action; or even guesses about probable Soviet concepts for achieving
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