The United States And The Origins Of The Cold War

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Ivan Novoa Professor Calvo AMH2042 23 July 2015 The United States and the Origins of the Cold War Essay Thinking about the decisions, strategies and goals of Soviet Union and the United States views on world domination and the possible accomplishment of such. The first and main would be to think and observe critically concerning the worldwide political scenery in the years after World War II (1945). This moment in history; taking all the way through the Cold War, may be seen as a lapse of severe ideological polarization through the world. Noticeably there were followers of the two conflicting camps expressing confidence that their philosophy would emerge victorious over the other and become the pre-outstanding type of government around the world. The elements inside the allied blocs manage by the Soviet Union and the United States reported each other of having aspirations of global dominance. At the moment of looking at the state of affairs throughout lens of time, it is much easier to garner an intelligent and un-biased opinion on the matter than it would have been during the era which it took place. Through the duration of the nuclear arms ' races and throught the Cold War, people on each side of the line believed the other was aiming towards world domination in one form or the other. With the help of history, we can now explore whether or not such ideas were founded on fact, or merely propaganda and fear mongering. All in all though, it comes down to the idea of 'world

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