The United States And The Soviet Union

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When people refer to the space race, they often think about the development of the negative connotation between the relations of the United States and the Soviet Union. For three years, the United States has not had a single space mission from their own funds, however, only fifty years ago, the space race had been largely emphasized and referred to as a start of a new era . It was a time period where there was an urge to achieve supremacy in the heavens, and the land. It was a seventeen year period, which lasted from 1955-1972, where the two cold war rivals spawned satellites, receptors, and space probes for the sole purpose to achieving new heights. Over the span, the United States established two main goals: imperialism throughout the…show more content…
Another such harsh statement made by the Russians was that the U.S slept under the Soviet moon and that they could throw a hydrogen bomb at will. The United States could not bear their insult, but the throwing of hydrogen bombs was a possible backdraw for the U.S and could hurt them. All in all, this meant that the United States needed to take control and get matters at hand for the sake of the world, leading to the space race.
The United States used drawings of the space race and its technology to its advantage illustrating the unfair treatment of citizens and the urgency of being first in the space race, leading to better their cause. The first drawings that were depicted in the space race were around the early 1950s and illustrated by Herbert Block, who was an American editorial cartoonist who focused his issue on foreign policies. One of his drawings can be seen in in Appendix A. The depiction shows a politician having a newspaper advertising the november elections and a unidentified gender citizen working on putting together a spacecraft. The cartoonist uses the idea of a person working
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