The United States And The Western Coalition

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The United States and the Western Coalition has long looked at the Middle East as a asset with little risk high reward potential. They have all have looked at them as high reward low risk a region that in contrast has an abundance natural resources in particular oil with very underwhelming population. Even if they had a product that could reach out and touch the masses the internal struggles and lack of cohesion and structure to get out of the region. Both the United States and Western coalition watched the struggles intervened when necessary and when a reward could reaped even if it was a better deal on the oil prices to actual occupation of land. The intervention however did began to elevate and inflate the Middle Eastern structure. From the acquisition of advanced weaponry to the increase in resentment the Middle East evolved from small kid helped by a long after being bullied to the actual bully. What resulted was threats to not only regional stability and global oil flow. It required evolutions in views of security and intervention following The First Afghan War, Islamic Iran , Saddam 's Iraq to Al-Qaeda/Taliban to UN-NATOEU sanctions against Islamic Iran 's nuclear bomb program to finally the drone attacks against Talibani destabilization of Pakistan. The results of all caused a change in the policies, aid, partnerships, and the global thoughts on the interaction in the Middle East.

If you have ever watched the action movie Rambo III you will…
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