The United States And The World War II

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Purpose History showed that the United States and its Allies triumphantly fought back against the Axis Powers to end the Second World War. While headlines and credits for the ultimate triumph centered around the politicians and generals, no successful war effort would come to light without the heroic figures in the civilian world and the companies they ran, who produced the ships, tanks, airplanes, weapons and ammunition more quickly, to higher standards and in greater quantities, than the enemy did. In center stage was the U.S. automobile industry, whose participants had mastered the industrial production process to churn out 50 million units in 35 years since the turn of the 19th century. These industrial builders helped the American industry go from negligible arms output to building an arsenal of weaponry then unmatched in human history. Their out-production was an epic achievement of American business and directly helped the United States and its allies win World War II. They empowered the United States to become the world’s "arsenal of democracy," a term coined by President Franklin Roosevelt. This paper aims to explore the motivations and achievements of the U.S. automobile manufacturers, specifically the Detroit Big Three (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler), and the industrialization mobilization that they accelerated, as well as the trials that they went through, from preparation for war guided by the government, to the suspension of civilian vehicle manufacturing

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