The United States Army Creates Great Opportunities For Anyone Who Joins Ranks

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Under Contract The United States Army creates great opportunities for anyone who joins their ranks. The Army is the largest branch out of the five military branches and also grants you the most freedom of choice. They are the only branch to allow you to choose your job and where you 're stationed before you sign a contract. In turn this attracts a lot of potential soldiers to their branch. Furthermore this is the reason I myself have chosen to pursue this path. One of the most important aspects of the army is the way you live your daily life while you are in. Army life varies greatly mattering whether you enlist as an active duty or reserve soldier, it also depends if you are an officer or a regular enlisted. As a reserve soldier you…show more content…
They offer many ways of training to become an officer of the Army. There are a few ways to become an officer by either gaining entry to West Point Academy or going through a ROTC program at a college. As an officer you will receive better pay and more benefits. If you spend the time to become an officer a smart move would be to spend at least twenty years in the Army. ROTC (Reserve officers training corps) is a common way of becoming an officer. Colleges all over the country offer ROTC courses, it 's a 4 year course. You must sign an 8 year contract to pay for the schooling that you will need. When you graduate from ROTC you will join the ranks of the army as a 2nd Lt and base pay will start at $35,000 a year. Because of your status as a officer you can advance farther then a regular reserve or active duty soldier. Th e most difficult yet prestigious way to become an officer is being admitted to West Point Academy. West Point is very hard to get accepted to, only having an admission percentage of twelve percent, the school offers some of the finest education in the country. You will need above average grades and SAT scores, while also being ranked in the top thirty percent of your class. “Along with those scores you will need to request Congressional approval from your states senator”(Kamo). Once you have all of these things you can be permitted to the prestigious training academy. As with other programs, you will still have

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