The United States Army Signal Corps

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The storied history of the United States Army Signal Corps is lined with technological achievement and advancement. Evidence of the technological advancement and achievement is seen in the Signal Corps development of the Airplane, the meteorological service and more recently the massive improvement in net centric communication, which has led to greater command and control for leaders in the field. It is now time for the Signal Corps to tackle the next big project, and that project is robotics, a field that can change the way the Army fights and wins wars. Robotics is a rather large field with limitless capabilities, but there is one place in particular that robotics can have the highest impact, and that is security. Securing our military bases , be it forward operating bases, outposts, or even our garrison areas have become a major issue over the last decade and countless lives have been lost in doing so but with the use of robotics we can make it safer. Using robotics in base security will allow the United States Army to make massive changes in force employment and the Signal Corps already has the tools necessary to make this happen with a little help from the outside world. One of the key concepts in changing force employment is the creation of a more flexible force capable of responding to complex situations while maintaining security and working to achieve the Army’s goals of seizing, retain and exploit . One example of such a robot is the Mobile Detection Assessment
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