The United States Army's Shift

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The United States Army’s shift to counterinsurgency over the last 15 years directed changes in all aspects of the service. This shift directed the Army’s emphasis away from the large conventional conflicts to counterinsurgency. During this shift counterintelligence spent the last 15 years mastering its role. Now the Army is adapting again due to the ever changing conflicts in the world. The 39th US Army Chief of Staff, General Milley, stated that the US Army needs to “re-focus on conventional training”. Since counterintelligence supports the maneuver it is continuing to adapt. Counterintelligence support to combined arms maneuver throughout unified land operations is not completely new to counterintelligence. Pre-counterinsurgency doctrine covers specific tasks and duties for counterintelligence personnel and are applicable today. Discussed below are the aspects of counterintelligence support to unified land operations in the offense and defense against the conventional threat of a hybrid force. To fully identify how counterintelligence supports the maneuver commander an understanding of the operational framework that the maneuver units operate in must be understood. The Army’s overall conceptual framework has changed over time due to the Army’s participation in conflicts. To appreciate the current mission of maneuver forces a quick glance of recent history must be accomplished. In 1982 the Army’s capstone doctrine focus was AirLand Battle. This primarily
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